By empowering teams, we guide organizations toward results.

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Spanning nearly two decades

We have the

Projects and initiatives take many forms. While our experience ranges in different focus areas, software development tops the list.  Serving small businesses, healthcare providers, medical device companies & pharmaceutical we have delivered results for a wide range of industries.

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From projects, to programs, to products we have the knowledge, tools and experience to define, execute & deliver with your team. 

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three keys to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

by taking a focused approach to each engagement, the Path Finder Group tailors the right approach for each team to better ensure successful delivery of your teams goals.


Define your needs

Short term vs Long term. Tactical vs Strategic. Controlled vs Innovative.  These decisions get the team started.


Empower the team

With needs defined, organizations & leaders must ensure the team is empowered to do what you’ve asked them to. 



With a formed goal & an empowered team, leaders need to remain focused on breaking down roadblocks that get in the way.

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Scrum guide 2020 updated

That is right, the scrum guide has been updated!  Release in early 2020, this new version works to clarify by reduction not addition.

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