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Spanning nearly two decades

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Our expertise lies in privileged access management programs. We have successfully assisted an array of clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies, universities, software suppliers, amongst others. We stand with absolute confidence in delivering top-quality solutions to our clients.

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Our approach is tailored to our client’s needs ensures they receive outstanding results that keep them ahead of the competition.  We stand behind our exceptional track record of helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Identity & Access Management

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BeyondTrust Password Safe

Leading identity management and governance software vendor
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Okta Access Enforcement

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Delinea Secret Server

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three keys to success

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by taking a focused approach to each engagement, the Path Finder Group tailors the right approach for each team to better ensure successful delivery of your teams goals.


Define your needs

Short term vs Long term. Tactical vs Strategic. Controlled vs Innovative.  These decisions get the team started.


Empower the team

With needs defined, organizations & leaders must ensure the team is empowered to do what you’ve asked them to. 



With a formed goal & an empowered team, leaders need to remain focused on breaking down roadblocks that get in the way.

Product Spotlight

BeyondTrust Password Safe

BeyondTrust Password Safe is an award-winning enterprise password management solution that helps organizations secure and automate privileged access to their critical systems and applications.

It allows IT teams to manage privileged accounts for humans and machines, while also enabling end users to securely store and manage their own non-privileged passwords. With features like password rotation, session monitoring, and approval workflows, BeyondTrust Password Safe helps businesses minimize the risk of unauthorized access, improve compliance, and increase overall IT efficiency.

This comprehensive password management solution is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Visit BeyondTrust’s website to learn more and schedule a demo.

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