Dare to Change conference in Malaysia April 2019

Taking place on April 25th & 26th in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, the “Dare to Change:  Construct your future through digital transformation” conference will be held at the Pacific Sutera Hotel.  Michael Rauch & Dr. Kenneth Rauch will be presenting on multiple topics throughout the two days, as well as participating in a six member panel discussion.    

Dare to Change Conference Topics

The Dare to Change conference will focus on three key objectives.  

  • Leveraging digital innovation effectively throughout the entire organization.  
  • Increasing employee engagement and efficiency through improved customer journeys and loyalty.
  • Enhancing internal collaboration and communications.

With an estimated 200-300 participants ranging from executives, business owners, & educators, attendees will learn both theory and experiential topics around:

  • Digital Transformation – Transform or disappear
  • Cultural intelligence introduction, exercise & analysis
  • People first, setting a digital culture
  • Profiling your digital journey
  • Using Agile within your culture
  • Digital transformation within education
  • “Dare to Change” concepts to practice
Dare to Change Flyer

Lastly, to finish the conference a six member panel will take questions and provide further insight into conference topics.  The panel will include a dais representing:

  • Director of Ph. D program (Dr. Kenneth Rauch) – c
  • Digital & Agile Consultant (Michael Rauch) – c
  • CEO of MARii – c
  • Lazada
  • Maxis
  • Gleneagles Hospital

NOTE: c denotes confirmed representation

Michael Rauch | MBA, PSM I, PMP

Michael Rauch | MBA, PSM I, PMP

Hey there! I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since I started diving deep into all sorts of frameworks and methodologies for technology and project management. From Scrum to Kanban, I've applied them to all sorts of programs - especially identity and access management.

I've learned so much along the way, and I'm eager to share what I've learned with others to help them on their own technology journeys. If your team or organization could use some guidance and support to make the most of these approaches, I'd love to chat and see how I can help!

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