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We bring a wealth of experience to the table, having successfully navigated various industries and knowledge areas for companies ranging from Fortune 500s to independent start-ups. We are confident in our ability to help your team reach its full potential and exceed expectations. From strategic planning to leading execution, trust us to deliver results.

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Effortlessly navigating the complex interactions between the customer, the technology, and the user experience is a challenge that we are confident in tackling. With an blend of technical know-how, experience, and great communication skills, the PF Group is ready to do what it takes to make success possible.


The Customer

Empathy on how the customer may interact with your product or service.  


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The problem the team is solving informs the solution to best serve the need. 


The User Experiance

Fundamentally improving the lives of those who interact with your product or service.  

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The Path Finder Group knows that the world is vast, yet we are confident in our abilities to tackle any challenge that comes our way. Our team maintains a “learner” mentality, always searching for new experiences, knowledge, and skills. We understand that learning takes on various forms through books, articles, case studies, podcasts, and any available means to gather insights.

But, we are always on the lookout for creative ways to turn that theoretical knowledge into practical application. Rest assured, with our unwavering thirst for knowledge, the Path Finder Group is more than capable of taking on any challenge you may have.

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Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an essential framework that every organization needs to manage user identities and access to their systems, applications, and data. With IAM solutions, you can trust that your business will have the appropriate level of security while ensuring users have access to the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

IAM includes sophisticated authentication, authorization, and access control measures which guarantee that authorized users can access data securely. IAM also helps organizations meet the strict industry regulations set up by HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR by enforcing appropriate policies and controls. 

IAM gives you control, ensuring that your users access the resources that they need to without any security breaches. Deploying an effective IAM strategy is essential, and after implementing one, you’ll rest easy knowing your organization is safe and secure!  Reach out to the PF Group today for help with your new or existing IAM efforts.

Privilege Access Management

Privilege Access Management (PAM) is the game-changer when it comes to monitoring access to privileged accounts within an organization. The main aim of PAM is to reduce unauthorized access to critical assets by monitoring and tracking the activity of all privileged accounts. PAM solutions are equipped with access controls, auditing abilities, password management, and session monitoring. 

By utilizing PAM, organizations can guarantee that their sensitive data is secure and is only accessible to authorized personnel. The PF Group has a wealth of experience in delivering PAM projects by leveraging the BeyondTrust products, Password Safe & Endpoint Privilege Manager. 

Moreover, the PF Group has extensively worked with other PAM solutions like CyberArk Privileged Access, CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Security, and Delinea (formerly Thycotic) Secret Server. We are confident that our expertise will help your organization enhance its security posture and safeguard your valuable information.

Access Management

Access management is a vital process that safeguards an enterprise’s valuable resources and ensures that only authorized users have access to them. It comprises various elements such as identification, authentication, authorization, monitoring, and logging to provide an impenetrable shield against cyber threats and breaches.

By identifying users and verifying their credentials, access management allows businesses to regulate access and determine appropriate permissions based on the user’s unique role and responsibilities within the organization. Access control systems are usually utilized to manage access and ensure that user activities are tracked and monitored regularly.

Access management is a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that helps organizations protect their sensitive information, data, and resources from unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. Reach out to the PF Group for help today.

Scrum Master

A Scrum Master is a key role in Agile project management. The main responsibility of a Scrum Master is to facilitate and guide the Scrum team in delivering high-quality products. This entails removing any obstacles that are impeding the team’s progress, helping the team adhere to the Agile principles, and making sure that Scrum ceremonies are properly conducted.

The Scrum Master is also responsible for ensuring that the team works collaboratively, productively, and consistently to achieve the project’s objectives. The Scrum Master is always on hand to help with planning, coordinating with stakeholders, and performing regular assessments of the team’s progress.

Overall, the Scrum Master drives the team forward from one sprint to the next by ensuring that Scrum practice is accurately followed and improved where necessary. If you need help with your Scrum process, or need help leading your Scrum efforts reach out to the PF Group today.

Traditional Project Management

With confidence, Waterfall project management is a proven and reliable methodology that ensures project success through its structured approach. This approach lends itself well to industries that require a well-defined plan and a clear understanding of deliverables, such as construction, manufacturing, and process development.

The process’s predefined set of phases, including planning, design, implementation, testing, and launch, makes managing and monitoring timelines and outcomes simple. By completing each phase before moving on to the next, the team can ensure the utmost quality in their work – confidence that will yield optimal results.

While the approach requires predictability and is less adaptable, we can be optimistic that the planning stages will bring clarity, and each stage allows the team to maintain a focus on the end goal. Ultimately, Waterfall project management is a reliable and successful way to approach projects, and with confidence, and the PF Group can help your team ensure success from start to finish.

Program Management

Program Management is a vital process that plays a crucial role in achieving an organization’s strategic goals. It requires an individual with unwavering confidence and strategic vision to coordinate and oversee a set of related projects or efforts in a way that delivers remarkable outcomes.

A program manager is the driving force behind defining program objectives and developing a detailed roadmap to steer projects in the right direction. They work closely with stakeholders to ensure that all efforts are aligned with the organization’s overall strategy, emphasizing that the entire program is greater than the sum of its parts.

Successful program management demands a holistic approach to planning, risk management, resource allocation, and communication. A confident program manager ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, leading to a flawless execution from inception to completion. And that is just where the PF Group comes in, to help your organization deliver!

Agile Coaching

As an Agile Coach, you are the guide that helps teams to adopt and optimize Agile methodologies. You create an environment of collaboration and communication, empowering teams to be more proactive in identifying inefficiencies and improving their processes. Your role includes providing insightful feedback, training, and mentoring to help each member of the team reach their full potential.

Your focus is not just on the individual team but extends to the entire organization. You actively promote Agile principles, ensuring adherence to Agile practices, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. You engage with senior management to infuse Agile values throughout the company, and facilitate collaboration amongst different teams to promote knowledge-sharing and best practices.

Your efforts ultimately lead to teams that are more aligned, responsive, and efficient in their delivery, thereby maximizing the value they can offer the organization. The role of an Agile Coach is pivotal to achieving lasting positive change, and if your organization need help reach out today to the PF Group.

Lean Product Development

The Lean Product Development model is a powerful tool that can help companies achieve their goals with confidence, efficiency, and vision. This innovative approach is based on the proven principles of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System, which prioritize customer value and waste minimization.

By following the Lean Product Development model, companies can streamline their processes and produce high-quality products that resonate with their customers. This approach involves several stages, each of which is designed to optimize efficiency and collaboration. With a laser focus on customer needs and continuous improvement, Lean Product Development can help companies reduce time-to-market, increase customer satisfaction, and thrive in competitive industries.

Whether you’re in technology, aerospace, healthcare, or any other industry that demands innovation and responsiveness, Lean Product Development can help you achieve your goals with confidence and speed. So why wait? Start maximizing your company’s potential today by bringing in the PF Group to unlock the power of the Lean Product Development model!

Design Thinking

Design thinking principles are a vital part of human-centered problem-solving, which involves four essential elements.

Empathy is the first principle, which requires a clear understanding of end-users’ needs to develop tailored solutions that meet their demands.  Defining the problem is the second principle that is critical to understanding the challenges, analyzing opportunities and arriving at a suitable solution.  Ideation involves developing a wide range of creative solutions that helps innovate and find the best possible solution. Prototyping helps refine the solution by testing and adapting to the end-users’ feedback before the final solution is reached.

These principles combine to create an iterative process and drive innovation, success and provide a competitive advantage. Design thinking is no longer just a buzzword but an essential tool, and a crucial organizational mindset to foster creativity, drive innovation and build engagement with the end-user, making it one of the most sought-after project problem-solving methods in many industries today.  Inquiry now to learn how the PF Group can help.