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BeyondTrust Password Safe

Client Description

Leading identity management and governance software vendor

Project Summary

During this effort, this software vendor was led through the execution of BeyondTrust Endpoint Privileged Manager implementation and adoption.  Focusing on identifying and developing pre-pilot and pilot groups for testing policies.  These policies included identifying trusted applications, creating allow lists and block lists, and deployment of high flex, medium flex, and low flex policies to appropriate endpoints.  Upon successful completion of this effort, the client was guided toward a policy enforcement state for end users across the enterprise.

BeyondTrust Endpoint Manager

Product Background

BeyondTrust Privilege Manager is an endpoint security solution that secures privileged access and provides least privilege, application control and vulnerability management capabilities for Windows and Mac OS X systems. It allows you to control and manage privileges for your existing applications, ensuring that only trusted and authorized applications can run on your endpoints. With BeyondTrust Privilege Manager, you can reduce your organization’s attack surface, improve risk management and meet compliance requirements.

Project Implementation

Here are some tips on how we effectively managed and led the technical team through the completion of the BeyondTrust Endpoint Privileged Manager project:

1. Clearly Outline Project Goals

We mad sure your team fully understood what was expected of them. By clearly outlining the project goals, objectives, deadlines, and expectations we ensured that everyone knew what they needed to do, how they needed to do it, and what was at stake.

2. Assign Roles and Responsibilities

By allocating specific roles and responsibilities to team members, we established accountability. Each team member had a clear designation, and their specific responsibilities were closely aligned with realistic goals.

3. Encourage Open Communication

We were constantly encouraging open communication, particularly when it came to discussing challenges that arose during the project. Keeping an “open-door policy” and creating an environment where team members are comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas was key to our success.

4. Monitor Progress and Keep Everyone Informed

Throughout the effort we monitored the progress of the team and kept everyone involved informed on the current status of the project. This ensured that we were able to make sure everyone was aware of any changes or updates that may impact the team’s work.

5. Celebrate Success

Finally, we ensured that we celebrated successes with the team. Recognition is a great way to motivate team members to perform at their best. Celebrating wins, milestones and achievements that each team member fulfills during the project helped us establish and maintain a high performing team.


With proper mentorship and effective leadership, leaders can help their technical team efficiently and effectively execute their tasks and ensure the success of BeyondTrust Endpoint Privileged Manager project. Do you need help with your next project? Reach out to the PF Group for help.

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